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Mũi hàn CFV-BL100

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Mã sản phẩm: Mũi hàn CFV-BL100

Thương hiệu: METCAL

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Mũi hàn CFV-BL100 (New)
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Mũi hàn CFV-BL100 

CFV Soldering Rework Tip, Blade, (W x L), 10.0 mm x 9.1 mm


CxV-Solder Blades are part of the rework soldering tips for the Metcal PS-900/MFR-1120, MFR-2220-series soldering systems. The second letter of the part number designates the temperature series. The CFV temperature series is nominally 390 ˚C. Metcal recommends the CFV temperature series for most applications. However, there is a higher temperature range designated CCV, nominally 450 ˚C, for high temperature and thermally demanding applications. Can be used with leaded and lead-free solder. The Metcal "SmartHeat®-Technology" automatically adjusts power levels during each soldering operation.