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RF Shield 4921

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Mã sản phẩm: RF Shield 4921 

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RF Shield 4921 (Used)
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AEROFLEX 4921 RF Shield + 4916 Antenna Coupler


Measured according to German military standard VG 95737,
“Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment - Part 15 Test methods
for Coupling and Shielding”, using a shielded RF cable with at least
100 dB isolation.
Values indicated below are typical values; isolation exceeds 80 dB in
all the specified frequency bands:
700 to 1000 MHz Typ. 90 dB
1700 to 2000 MHz Typ. 90 dB
2000 to 2500 MHz Typ. 85 dB
5000 to 6000 MHz Typ. 80 dB